Vegan Recipe Book

Side Dishes


  • onion-rings

    Onion Rings

    Paired with a burger or tossed in a salad, these onion rings are something to go wild over.

    Serves 4
  • pumkin

    Pumpkin Rosemary Crackers

    So good, you won’t miss bread at all! Easy to digest - flax is great for pulling old stuff from the colon!

    Serves 2
  • 03-Stir-Fried-Veggies-00

    Stir-Fried Veggies

    This dish works well as a side dish for any mains you fancy pairing with or alone for a light and tasty but satisfying meal.

    Serves 4
  • stuffed-avocado

    Stuffed Avocado

 are high in the right type of fats that protect the lungs. Eat plenty!

    Serves 4
  • Tempeh

    Tempeh in an Oriental Marinade

    Tempeh is made from fermented soybean, not to be confused with tofu. The structure is more firm and it can be used in so many ways, its impressive.

    Serves 2
  • Tempeh Rendang

    Tempeh Rendang (Indonesian Curry)

    This is a vegan version of the world famous Indonesian rice-table dish. Grind the spices yourself to make the best flavors.

    Serves 4
  • wilde-rice-00

    Wild Rice

    Exciting dish with tons of flavor, it is the kind of food that will bring sunshine to your table.

    Serves 4
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