Vegan Recipe Book

Juices & Smoothies, Milkshakes & Milks


  • 07-ginger-juice

    Ginger Juice

    Ginger juice is a fantastic immune booster and cleanser first thing in the morning. Make in advance and keep on hand to grab a shot when you feel like it, and for convenient use in recipes.

    Serves 1
  • gree-juice

    Green Juice

    Power-packed nutrition that fills you up for hours and even longer. Try drinking 1-3 liters every morning, as an immune-boosting breakfast replacement. Malic acid in the apples cleans you out too.

    Serves 2
  • 01-magic-smoothy

    Low Carb Mesquite Magic Smoothie

    Rich and luxurious without being loaded with sugar. Full of superfoods and flavor, this is one of those smoothies you'll want to savor slowly with a spoon.

  • zuchinni

    Spirulina Smoothie

    Vitamin C is the king of immunity and ultimate body restorative. Spirulina is full of protein, vitamins, and minerals, and zucchini is another excellent source of Vit C.

    Serves 2
  • 05-alkalinity

    Super Alkalinity Juice

    More green is always better; this juice is a pure blessing for your system, drink daily to get the most benefit from all its healing powers.

    Serves 4
  • superfood-smoothiest

    Superfood Smoothie

    Moringa is known for its blood stabilizing properties, enabling the body to absorb more oxygen. Paired with coconut it will boost your energy levels to the maximum.

    Serves 4
  • ginger-juice

    Turmeric Orange Juice

    Turmeric is known to reduce inflammation in a big way (and therefore increase immunity). It's also a natural antibiotic and high in anti-oxidants. So go ahead, drink lots and be super healthy!

    Serves 2
  • watermelon-juice

    Watermelon Juice

    Watermelon juice is a simple and effective way to get rid of constipation. Drink two liters in the morning to get things moving and feel lighter and brighter. Great for fasting as well!

    Serves 2