Vegan Recipe Book

cookies, Desserts, Snacks


  • banana bread

    Banana Bread

    This banana bread is close to perfection! Moist and super easy to make and bake. Its the perfect pre-workout snack, savory enough for breakfast, and just sweet enough for dessert!

    Serves 4-10
  • Vegan Biscotti


    These are the real deal Italian cookies, super crunchy with a perfect taste. All you need is a cup of tea with friends to close the deal.

    Serves 10
  • vegan brownie


    This is the real deal when it comes to fudge brownie. Moist, dense and seriously dangerous when you have a thing for chocolate.

    Serves 12-16
  • gluten free carrot cake

    Carrot Cake (Gluten-free)

    This carrot cake is light and hearty. So full of flavor and a real treat on any occasion.

    Serves 8-10
  • coco-hazel-00

    Chocolate Hazelnut Praline

    This recipe comes really close to my personal pride and joy for so many years: The Glow Bar - the sweet and creamy hazelnut praline captured in a raw chocolate jacket.

    Serves 15
  • Raw Chocolate Icecream

    Chocolate Ice-cream

    This is a super easy ice-cream recipe. No machine is needed except for a freezer!

    Serves 4
  • coconut-cream

    Coconut Cream

    Use this as a base recipe for all your coconut adventures. It's usually made from one coconut, although coconuts are never the same size.

    Serves 4
  • 09-fresh-berry

    Fresh Berry G-raw-nola

    Enjoy this light granola recipe when its fresh-made or dehydrate for a longer-lasting crunchy version. It will top off any breakfast or dessert and is delicious just as a snack.

    Serves 10
  • G-raw-nola

    Fresh Berry G-raw-nola (Sugar-free version)

    Wake up and start your day with a smile and a sweet, healthy breakfast.

    Serves 10
  • ginger-ice-cream

    Ginger Chai Macadamia Ice Cream

    Who doesn’t like ice-cream? This might just turn out to be one of those recipes that you can never get enough of.

    Serves 4
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