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Wether you are just starting out or have been a Vegan for years, Amy loves working with people of all levels! Watch this short video to meet our Founder, Amy Rachelle (doctorate in naturopathy & intuitive)... and see just what you’ll get when you join the Go Vegan Women's Community.

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Why Eat Vegan?

Because it’s delicious, light on your body, and it can boost your health and well-being.  Learn how with our community – and our Vegan School!

Heal, flourish, and fulfill why you’re alive in these tremendous times. Plus, build your immunity, and take your power back!

Another good reason to eat vegan is… did you know the meat and dairy industry contributes to 15% of the planets greenhouse emissions?   It’s also one of the leading causes of deforestation, biodiversity loss, and water pollution

Join Go Vegan and be a part of bettering your own health, and the health of our planet.  

It’s not just about food, it’s about how food affects your life, and ultimately how you feel about yourself. 

 Gain support with  family and social dynamics, plus so much more.  

Why?  Because Go Vegan was made by a woman for women.  We believe women are the solution to an ailing world !!!  

Join women just like you who are serious about good health, who love to share and connect, and are contributing to the world being a better place.

Join Go Vegan!  It’s free for a limited time.

Plus, going Vegan.... Get Your Body Back.

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Meet our Founder,

Amy Rachelle

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Hi, I’m Amy – it’s so wonderful to meet you.

I’m a naturopath with over 20 years of experience specializing in food as medicine with veganism, raw food, and fasting as my main expertise… along with being an intuitive reader from a young age.

I have a doctorate in naturopathy, and as an intuitive, I have combined my skills to bring you Go Vegan!  Both are the basis of my work – which has always been grounded in emotional healing and coming home to a joyful natural state with Food As Medicine, and exploring  many different natural healing techniques.  Some of my clients call me a Medical Medium. 

How I became vegan…. Even though my mother attempted to bring vegetarianism into our home, I was a defiant meat-eater growing up. I became vegetarian “by mistake” at 23 while traveling in Guatemala and experiencing where meat comes from, rather than buying it in a package, or prepared in a restaurant. I was shocked and horrified to discover the unnatural treatment of factory-farmed animals.  This, combined with  meat feeling awful in my body, it made tasty super veganism easy.

Since then, I have taught 1000’s of students – over the past 18 years – globally, through private coaching and my raw food/detox retreats in New York City and Bali.  My style of teaching is unique, using power of plants, intuition, and specific healing practices. Now this work is online – which led me to funnel all of my experience into building the Go Vegan Community – to help guide you on this powerful journey of veganism both physically and emotionally!  And now it’s all women, so exciting!!!!