Lesson 2: Mind/Body Medicine

Lesson 2: Mind/Body Medicine

Listen To Your Body

What do you think of when you hear the words mind/body medicine? This lesson explores how mind and body work together. Learn to listen to your body and trust it.

After watching the video:

  1. download – Listen To Your Body Meditation – listen to this recording daily.
  2. download – “5 Step Basic Self-Care Practice.” Use as a quick overview reference for the recorded meditation. Suggestion: post it where you’ll see it often.
  3. download and complete the Developing Self-Trust worksheet to trust the messages of your body and soul.

Listening to the meditation each day (also when sleeping!) can train your mind to sense, feel, and hear your body (therefore it’s needs and wisdom). Gain insight and intimacy into who you are. Know what you need, and take good care of yourself – mind and body integrated!