Lesson 1: Stay on Track

Lesson 1: Stay on Track

Welcome to Step 4!

Big huge congratulations!!!

The first lesson of this step takes us right into empowerment.  In this approach you’re studying – it’s not only about food, as you likely have already figured it. It’s about what the food does for us, how it helps us to achieve our goals – AND to be responsible for our footprint on Earth – including animal rights.

Check out this lesson to go deeper:

1. first, revisit your goals – review your original why for taking this program – with the attached worksheet.

2. next, get clear on how you’re thinking – where health begins, with the attached worksheet.

3.  then – get down to the root:  your relationship with food… why?  So you can understand yourself better, and how you’re inner world may affect your food choices!

And… encourage you to keep tracking each day!!!