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Lesson 5: Allergens

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Lesson 5: Allergens

Be Free!

Allergens.  What are they caused by – truly?  Do we have to just live with them?  Learn the difference between true food allergies and intolerances in this lesson, and what you can do to take your power back.  In general, we don’t have to be a victim to food allergies, when we use Food As Medicine.

Are we saying it’s possible to heal what may have haunted you forever?  Potentially!  Dive into this lesson to learn more, and what you can do now.

Take your power back!!!


-Allergen Foods, study this for full details, and instructions, for knowing how to be free of allergies.

-Your Unique Body Worksheet… use this to get in touch with your what your body needs, and what you can do to move toward being allergy-free.