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Lesson 4: Vegan Nutrition

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Lesson 4: Vegan Nutrition

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Now it’s all about Vegan Nutrition.  Learn the foundation of what it’s all about by studying Macro and Micronutrients in this lesson.  This includes:

-What (Healthy) Vegans Eat

-12 Benefits of Veganism, in this complete guide, learn why in detail!

-Simple swap outs, for example… what you could eat instead of getting protein from meat.  And plant sources of calcium that have even more absorbable calcium than milk! Yes! 

-Also learn the full mineral and vitamin breakdown of foods!


-Nutrition Guide – contains full information about this lesson (including the individual charts below).  

-12 Benefits of Going Vegan, A Complete Guide

Individual charts (just in case you’d like to use them separately from the guide):

-What Vegans Eat

-Vegan Nutrition Chart

-12 Benefits of Vegan

And as always, be sure to track!!!