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Lesson 6: Ingredients

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Lesson 6: Ingredients

What To Use & Not Use

One of life’s greatest pleasures is plump, fresh, succulent food… it’s downright sensual – and sexy!  That’s why fresh is best! Any why food tastes better when it’s in season and local.  Learn what ingredients to use in this lesson, and about foods that you may assume are vegan, though may not be.  And… know how to detect 8 sneaky non-vegan ingredients that are downright ridiculous! Whew!  Good thing you’re a dedicated studier – way to educate yourself! 

After watching the video, download then study:

1.  Ingredients That Make A Great Meal:  get ready to say ‘Mama Mia’ – cause your tastebuds are going to dance with delight!

2.  Think It’s  Vegan? Think Again!:  there are quite a few foods that appear vegan, though aren’t really, get full info in this one.

3.  8 Sneaky Non-Vegan Ingredients:  who would have thought some products that say vegan on the label, actually have ingredients from little beavers?  What? Yes, it’s true. Read up on this to learn complete details.  Be empowered!

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