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Lesson 5: Restaurants & Labels

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Lesson 5: Restaurants & Labels

Eating Out & Reading Labels

We all love restaurants, and they need not be an issue – so long as you do one very important thing… what’s your take away from the video on that one?  In this lesson, learn how to get your needs meet and to step right up into another level of self-care. Also, learn how to read the nutritional labels on products… it’s a good study to know what your food contains, so you can make wise choices, and eliminate hidden surprises that may not agree with your body temple!

As a bonus lesson, download the packaged foods lesson. This is a must study!  Very informative!  Many vegans rely way too much on packaged foods, which can lead to being a very unhealthy vegan – if we don’t primarily eat whole foods. Yes, good old fashioned fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, and grains!  

Suggestions:  after watching the video, download:

1.  Guide To Reading Nutritional Labels:  everything you’ve ever wanted to know about being super savvy with what’s in your food. You’ve got the power to be healthy when you know what you’re eating, for real!

2.  Packaged Foods:  have no illusion and enjoy with awareness!  Get the full download – be a healthy vegan.  

And as always… it’s our job to ask… have you done your tracking system today?  If not, it’s never too late to start!  It’s sooooo helpful in keeping you connected to you and your process.