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Lesson 4: Why Plan & Prepare

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Lesson 4: Why Plan & Prepare

15 Reasons & Food Prep Sample Schedule

Do you love feeling super great in both body and mood?  How about emptying out every day because your digest running well?  And we all like knowing what to eat and when, yep – naturally! That’s just some of the benefits of planning and preparing your food. So if you haven’t used your plan and prepare system on govegan.community yet (also accessible at the top toolbar of your program), then we HIGHLY recommend giving it a good go, and plug into a system that’s designed to keep you pooing like a champ, which is an indicator of supreme health!

Suggestions: after watching the video, download:

1.  15 Benefits of Planning & Preparing (we recommend posting this sweet little baby where you’ll see it often to remind yourself to keep taking good care of you and why! Good job you!).

2.  Food Production Sample Schedule (if you find this handy, would it be helpful to post it where you look often?)

Or otherwise, keep them organized in your binder or digital file.

Have you done your tracking system yet today?