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Lesson 2: Your Kitchen

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Lesson 2: Your Kitchen

Clean Out & Set-Up Guide

Ready to fully go for your vegan path? It’s all about getting your kitchen prepared. It’s a big step, yes.  Though… we encourage you to fully go for it. It can even be emotional. We understand.  And – it’s going to fully really really good, promise. Use all your courage, let go of the old, and make space for your dreams to come true!

After watching the video, download:

1.  Kitchen Clean Out & Set-Up Guide. 5 Step Simple Guide.

All broken down into written steps.  Go on, it’s going to feel good after you’re done.

2.  Use the worksheet to make your plan on how you’ll do it, and what you need – plus, write about how you’ll navigate a shared kitchen, if that’s your case.

3.  Bonus:  you’re going to love this – Suggested Kitchen Equipment & Tools!  Woohoo, this list is comprehensive and complete for ordering kitchen goodies! Have fun!

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