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Lesson 1: Transitioning

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Lesson 1: Transitioning

18 Tips

In this lesson learn how to supportively transition with ease.  First, watch the video for insights and full details.  Then, use the 3 downloads to go deeper with your learning:

1.  18 Tips, At-A-Glance

We recommend posting this in a place where you’ll see it often, to help support your transition. It’s super supportive to keep reminding yourself of your resources – and what to do – while you’re learning a new way of eating.

2.  Transitioning Explained

This is a written recap of the video if you’d like a deeper study.  We recommend it, to reinforce your learning.

3. Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you actively engage your transition and to better understand yourself.  Make some practical choices by thinking ahead and implementing changes by using this worksheet – to avoid surprises!

4.  Bonus:  Glossary

This little baby is a gold mine. It’s a one-stop-shop for terms, definitions – and everything else in the course we could think of – so you have a reference for unfamiliar words.  We recommend keeping it on your desktop for easy access.

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