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Lesson 4: Vegan Culture

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Lesson 4: Vegan Culture

History & Now

Throughout history, prominent thought leaders, to rebels, to movers and shakers have been vegan. Learn how this movement originated, and more about where it is now.

Suggestion:  download – You Creating History – and fill it out. Then file it.  Definitely do this one, and connect with that something Bigger About You!  

Have you done your Tracking System today?

BONUS DOWNLOADS:             

1. Vegan History -the long-version, if you’d like a more in-depth reference for vegan roots.                                                                           

2. Vegan Culture –   yep, veganism has its cultural nuances, and this resource rounds it out for you.                                                                 

3.  Do you love learning from great thinkers?  Download – Great Vegan Thinkers of History – super educational and inspiring!