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How Your Course Works

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How Your Course Works

Navigate your course with structure, fun, and ease while learning loads.  Each day when you’re ready to study, we suggest following these 4 simple steps to stay on track.

1. Watch the video

2. Fill out your Self-Checklist (details in lesson 2)

3. Do your food P&P – Plan & Prepare System (details in lesson 3)

4.  Complete your homework (then check it all off on your 4 Step Checklist)

Viola done, you vegan you!

Suggestion:  Download – How Your Program Works. Then post it in a visible place so you see it often, bind it in a notebook, or organize it digitally. 

P.S.  this lesson is an overview of how your course works.  In lesson number 2 on Tracking Systems (coming up soon), we will breakdown the checklists and learn how to use them. So take it easy, and don’t worry too much about the details for now!  Step by step, we’re gonna learn this.