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A confirmed and defiant meat eater, I became vegetarian “by mistake” in 1991 after traveling in Central America and being thoroughly disgusted by “meat” – a dead carcass really – that was hanging on hooks in an outdoor market.  Hoofs intact and headless, it was blue from no refrigeration.  I stopped eating meat out of necessity, not because I really wanted to. Eating it again after returning to North America, my body rejected it.  It just didn’t want it, even though my mind did.  2 years later I became vegan, influenced by beautiful new friends.  After that, I became a raw vegan for 9 years, got seriously into fasting, and became a naturopath.  

I love veganism both personally, and as my profession.  I’ve worked with thousands of students and clients over the past 20 years, and I am super grateful and excited to share my experience with you – hopefully shortening your learning curve, and helping you to be uber healthy!  

Fun, easy, (and sometimes challenging) – this program is full of life-changing information.  My intention is for this course to rock your world forever – helping you to achieve your health goals – and maybe even grow your super-hero powers. 

Love, Amy