Do a Detox

May 1st - 7th

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Amy Rachelle, ND

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Do a detox
May 1st - 7th
Only have 1 day? That's also good!
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Whatever you can do is GREAT.
Soul to cells, in body and being - deep cleanse body, mind, & spirit.

Why cleanse?

Be clear, focused, intentional...

What kind of cleanse is it?

How will it work?

2 webinars, 1 hour each:

1 pm EST | 6 pm UK | 19:00 CET

                         Don ‘t worry about preparing supplies and such, just come                                                                            on the 29th, and learn how to get started

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Amy is an medical medium. Her main expertise, holding a doctorate in naturopathy, is specialized in fasting and plant-based nutrition. Her main gift is working intuitively - both in body and soul. She has guided thousands of people to health and well-being with her unique visionary abilities, and practical health knowledge.